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Early Handloom Data Collection Sheet

Loom Data Sheet.pdf

A list of categories useful in describing handlooms. Please click the preview above to see the full document.

1991.178.151 - Winder, Bobbin, Quill, or Pirn

ATHM-MSW 1991-178-151 sm (1).jpg

Winder; bobbin, quill, or pirn. Rectangular table with larger curved section at front, rests on three legs. A rectangular box is nailed onto the end…

1991.178.149 - Winder, Bobbin, Quill or Pirn, Upright

ATHM-MSW 1991-178-149 (1) sm.jpg

Rectangular frame consisting of two curved sides and two round sides holds two parallel wheel posts joined by a crossbar at the top. A wooden box fits…